Saturday, July 25, 2009

The best laid plans...

I had good intentions for getting going on the sewing room but Wednesday evening my husband and I picked up a sod cutter (SC) for me to use on Thursday when the weather was expected to be cool. You see, we are expecting temps in the 90s for the next few days and I won't be outside then! Anyway, I used the SC to start creating a 6' X 64' (approximately) bed along a fence for rhodies and lilacs and maybe some other things. I have been wanting this bed for quite some time as I have many lilac starts I want out of another bed. Our neighbor who lives in what was my parents' house dug up two rhodies and a rose bush on Tuesday and gave them to me so I had a good reason to get going on it so I could get those in the ground. I also used the SC to cut a swath around our fenced garden space so help keep the weeds down in the garden.

Once I had the cutting done I pulled back the sod for about 10' and dug two holes, added compost and peat moss and planted the two rhodies. Then I added compost and peat moss to the top of the rest of the 10' and covered it with some mulch I created from the cherry tree we whacked back last weekend. The good news was that it did stay cool but that was also the bad news because I just kept working and I was so tired after the whole project! As you can see in the picture not only is the fence unattractive so is the stuff on the other side of it. The rhodies seem to be doing well in spite of being out of the ground for a couple of days. I will just need to keep them watered.

Yesterday I was still so sore it was hard to be too motivated to get much done but I did get started in the sewing room. I got the fabric all prewashed and did the ironing and tidied up all the leftovers from recent projects.

Today I was outside for a few hours again. I got two more rose bushes from the neighbor and found new homes for them in my yard. This involved digging up an old climbing rose bush that wasn't in a good place. SInce I have several other pieces of that same rose elsewhere I have no bad feelings about digging it up and dumping it! I do plan to at least get all the fabric pressed yet today so it is ready to work with tomorrow because tomorrow I will be staying in all day!

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