Monday, December 28, 2009

Insect Jar Quiltlet

I haven't done any sewing other than handwork in the last few days but this is a picture from Christmas morning of our son and the little quilt I made for him to hang on his dorm room wall. He took an entomology class last semester and has discovered an interest in insects, etc. The books on the bottom left of the quilt represent the three field guides we gave him for Christmas also. He even said he likes the quilt in spite of the fact that he is sure that quilting is some sort of 'cult'.

I made a couple other little items for the grandkids but forgot to take pictures before they got wrapped so I will share pictures of those after they open the packages when we get there later today.

The three denim quilts made it safely to the great-nieces and great-nephew and I hear they like them. I hope to get a picture of them with the quilts so I can share it with you.

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america said...

I am sure your grandchildren will be thrilled.It is always so nice and exciting to make something for your family.And believe me no money can buy this gift of love.