Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two in One Day

Nothing for 12 days and suddenly two posts in a day!

This morning I finished up the last of 6 blocks for the April Quilt Block Exchange over on flickr. The first block is a 12.5" Blooming Rose for honeybit64, second is a 10.5" high house block for wendyscreations and the third is a 15.5" block for namawsbuzyquiltn to make into a preemie quilt.

This last one is actually 3 blocks that are the same: 12.5" red/white/blue stars for raesha, greeneyedsilversmith and westychic76. I was only required to make 4 blocks this month but I figured making 3 star blocks was as easy as one, the preemie quilt is for a good cause and the other two just sounded like they would be fun to make so I made 6 instead.

I received an order for 2 more of the tote bags and have all the materials so that gives me three to make and I am planning on that being my next project. I am hoping to get three bags done this week. I was going to start today but I suckered my husband into helping me hang things on the walls after we rearranged the living room almost 2 weeks ago. It is looking much better now.

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