Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Yep, it is my birthday today but I think it will also be a busy day for me today. Got word last night that our son and his girlfriend will be arriving tomorrow and staying for a bit over Christmas break so this means the sewing room needs to be 'broken down' and turned into a guest room again. It also means that all the lint and threads from all the sewing I have done for the last three weeks needs to be pulled out of the corners and from under the furniture! And the dust!!!!! House cleaning has not been a priority the last few weeks! Okay, let's be honest, house cleaning is seldom a priority at my house! It's a good thing it is just the two of us and a 5 pound poodle so the mess doesn't build up too quickly!

Last night was the bazaar. I really did have quite a few doll quilts, wall hangings, table toppers and baby quilts along with a few larger quilts that I was able to pull out to sell. My niece added some little zipper pouches that she made up that can be used for cosmetics, toiletries, etc. to the table. I did take the time to make some pillowcases this week. I cut out 22 and sewed up all but one (I discovered there was a small piece cut out of the end of one of the pieces so it couldn't be used). They are sew easy to make and it was fun decorating the cuffs with some ric-rac and lace.

My strawberry quilt top was sitting on the sewing table so I also decided to make up a back and get it finished for the bazaar. Unfortunately, my work was for naught as I didn't sell anything though lots of people thought the pillowcases were nice. Katie sold 5 of her pouches so it wasn't a total waste. I did get a good bit of the binding sewn on the 'guy' quilt while I listened to Katie's students caroling so all was not lost.

I finished another secret project this past week but again, that picture must wait until after Christmas.

I am thinking today will involve creating a back for Linnea's quilt (due Jan. 4) and getting it basted. At least then it is ready for quilting after Christmas. Tomorrow after going to the food bank to help make up the Christmas baskets for families in need in our area I will get the house cleaned up a bit in preparation for company. I am guessing we will be putting up the tree tomorrow or Sunday so there will be some furniture rearranging to be done also.

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