Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One more finish

I spent the morning getting the first of the two quilts done for my first customer. I really love the colors and fabrics though I would probably never by them to make a quilt.I just did a simple meander on this one. It turned out well and I was done in time to make it to a meeting and then run some errands, including a stop at the post office to get my new book!

After getting home and taking care of a few things around here and getting some dinner on the table for my hubby I started sewing some blocks for the first of the three quilts from my new book. I got 12 of the 29 blocks done and should have the top together tomorrow. It will then need some embroidery before quilting so I can do that in the evenings after I have worked on sewing the other two quilts during the day. Tomorrow morning though, I am planning to get that second quilt finished for my customer so I know I have that off my plate.

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Chelsea said...

Very nice! Don't forget to send me/post pictures of the quilts from my book :)