Saturday, December 4, 2010

Third Top Done!

I woke up earlier than I wanted to this morning and once I had checked email, etc. I headed into the sewing room and started sewing on the third quilt top. I didn't stop for anything and by 4:30 this evening I had the top done. Isn't he just the cutest robot? I am so loving this book! I plan to make more robots and other quilts from the book but I plan to make them on a smaller scale. This one is about 60" X 70". I think the robot would be great with a black and white background and maybe orange and red zig zags for his tummy. Anyway, I need to figure out backing for the three quilts so I can get them quilted this next week and move on to other projects.

While I was working on this I had the finished parts laid out on the floor along with a few of the blocks laid out so I could plan the zig zags and my niece came over to have her uncle help her replace a headlight and my little poodle, Lucy, was so excited to see her and just kept dancing around on all the little pieces! I don't think she left one where it was supposed to be! Very funny!

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