Monday, March 21, 2011

Catching Up

I am back home and almost recuperated from my time as a single mother of 2 little ones! I had a great time with the kids but boy do they wear you out! Their parents had a good time in NYC though it was too short (for them, not me!). I decided to make a detour on my way home to my sister's house to help my niece celebrate her 18th birthday. I even had the honor of making her pirate duck birthday cake.

I left there at 8 AM on Saturday and got home about 1 PM and fell on the bed exhausted! After a little rest my husband took me out to dinner and a movie.

Yesterday it was church in the morning and after a second cup of coffee I got two more quilts basted and ready for quilting. Today I hope to get at least one quilted and maybe two. I would like to have all three done before the quilt show on Saturday.

Here are pictures of the quilts I've gotten finished since the quilt retreat. I got the quilting done while my granddaughter was here and finished up the bindings while watching the kids at their house. This first one is a baby quilt. The large squares are made from some golfing bear fabric I have had for a long time.
This is a fun wall hanging from the book Dare to be Square. I am sure I will make more from this pattern.Here is another baby quilt. This one is an adaption of the Chatterbox pattern in the Dare to be Square book. I used some sock monkey fabrics that were given to me a couple of years ago. And lastly, this is a table topper made from fabrics my daughter gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago. It will be on the trunk we use as a coffee table in our living room. It is another adaption from Dare to be Square. Well, time to get busy at the quilting machine!

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Anonymous said...

Lucy, this is Gerdi from Germany again, Iwrote you befor but it did not get posted. I need your help with 2003 shop hop quilt. I live in W├╝rzburg and we had a big Army Base until 3 years ago. Now the Base is closed and all the soldiers and their families have moved on. In 2005 an American brought back some of the patterns and a poster of the quilt. I bought a bunch of fabric and put a lot of work into making some of the blocks. Still there are 5 missing. Plus I would like like the messurements of the in between stripes. I have been looking for you for 6 years. I hope you can help me.