Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here comes the sun...

...okay, just sunbreaks but it is a start. I have gotten out in the fresh air a couple times so far but not nearly enough! Still working on apple tree pruning when I should be planting and weeding. I am not going to be doing that for a while though because the ground is just too cold and wet! Here is a picture of some of the daffodils that are blooming profusely right now.

I am finally getting things accomplished in the sewing room though. I got blocks made for 5 people in the round robin I am in. We only have 10 in our group so we decided to make 2 blocks per person so that means I got 10 blocks done this past week and they are in the mail to the next person! I think I have done 7 of the 10 backets (including mine).

Last Saturday my niece, Katie, and I made the trek down to
Fabric Depot in Portland OR. We spent about 5 hours in the store filling our cart 4 times! From most of the bolts I only took 1/4 - 1/2 yard but it was still quite the pile! Halfway through we took our load out to the car and ran over to Burgerville for lunch. It is just across the street and not available around here so it is our favorite restaurant on fabric buying trips. I was able to get fabric for two quilts that I have been commissioned to make (and hope to get started on soon) and also fabrics for my neighbor for our quilt exchange. Sally has asked for neutrals for her quilt so I went to the cutting table with a wide range of neutrals. The cutter said "You are making a quilt with just whites?" In reality, none of them were white, more a range of creams to dark tans. Obviously , this woman has never seen some of the stunning quilts made with only neutrals!

So Sunday I started serging the edges of my fabric in preparation for prewashing and my serger just gave up the ghost! I got it third hand probably 20 years ago in a joint purchase with my mother (we each paid $25!) and it has served me well all these years. I went online to see how much new sergers are running these days and was pleasantly surprised to find that the prices are much lower than they were years ago! I checked reviews and decided to purchase the
Brother 1034D. It should arrive on Monday. I am planning on taking the old one to my local sewing machine repairman to see if it can be salvaged or maybe just let my husband play with it and see what happens.

So my sewing room is full of piles of fabric waiting to be serged and piles on the floor waiting to be prewashed and I can't get started on those quilts so it forces me to get some other things finished. Yesterday I got the borders on the spider web quilt I am putting together for the quilt guild for a foster child's graduation quilt.

Today I hope to get it basted and quilted so it is finished before Monday when my new serger arrives!!!

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Andrea said...

I've had a nice little fabric buy today - isn't it a lovely feeling ? I have that exact serger ( only we call them overlockers in UK - lol ) and it a good one and very reliable. Happy Easter xx