Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Revealing Evening

We had so much fun last evening at Craft Night. We were all so excited to see all six of the quilts we had made this past year for our friends. There were 6 black garbage bags sitting on the table and we could hardly wait! We drew numbers for our spots in line.

First came Mary. She was ushered out of the room while her quilt was hung on the design wall. Her quilt was made by Linnea who is her sister-in-law. Linnea chose an ambitious project with machine piecing, hand applique and buttons. She finished putting the label on this quilt yesterday afternoon at work. It turned out beautifully. (In each picture the recipient is on the left and the creator is on the right.)
Next up was Sally whose quilt was made by her best friend, Nadine. Nadine had this quilt done before May because she knew that the rest of the year would be busy with helping her daughter with her twins (born in June, 8 weeks early) and 2 year old. After the quilt was finished, Sally commented that she really didn't like orange or green very well when we were discussing the quilts and from then on we teased her about her orange and green quilt. She was so relieved when she saw the blue and white.
I drew number 3 so I headed out of the room for a long wait. Okay, it was only a few minutes but it was so hard to wait. Cindy made my quilt and it is amazing! It was also an ambitious project as it is reversible! Cindy said "Never again!" Mine was the smallest quilt but it is technically two quilts so no complaints from me!We took my quilt off the wall and put up the quilt I made for Linnea. A year ago, when we started this project, Linnea's request was something scrappy. I finished one scrappy quilt not too long after that and when I shared it at craft night she said she would take that one so all year we joked that I was finished with her quilt. In reality, I wasn't sure what I was doing for her quilt! It wasn't until I brought The Wedding Quilt over for show and tell one evening that I knew what to do. As we worked on the wedding quilt we talked about other color combinations we thought would work well for the Monet's Wedding Ring pattern and I was thinking blue with neutral rings so here it is. I got started on it at the quilt retreat in October until I discovered that I had cut one set of pieces too big and had to rip. I got back at it in November once I got the ripping done. I got it quilted and bound earlier this month and then when I was adding the label and trimming threads I discovered that the tension was funky on a few sections of the quilting so I had to rip and redo on Monday! In the end it turned out great in spite of the frustrations.This quilt came down and up went Nadine's which was made by Mary. Evidently Mary never makes a small quilt and this was no exception. It was almost too big for the design wall! She calls this a queen size but we all agreed it is much more like a king! As you can see from the picture we were having a great time!Last, but not least by any means, Cindy's quilt went up on the wall. She was so happy. She wanted a quilt in Disney princess colors. These are not colors Sally would normally use so it was a struggle but it turned out wonderfully!As we cuddled with our quilts around the tables after all were revealed we drew names for this next year's projects. We set a deadline for November 1 this year and I drew Sally's name so I need to start thinking about a pattern and colors.

But first, I need to get the business books into the computer for the tax man...

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carol fun said...

I am blown away by these gorgeous quilts and then to read that you did these for each others - all I can say is WOW!! Each one is a gem and what a wonderful group of friends you have. Thanks for sharing - the whole story just warms the heart!