Friday, February 4, 2011

Back to the fun stuff

I finished up the business 2010 books this morning so I rewarded myself with a fabric shopping trip. I first met my husband for lunch and then started the search for background fabric for my next quilt. I am making a quilt of 4 trees representing the four seasons. I have always wanted to make a 4 seasons quilt and since The American Cancer Society's theme for Relay for Life this year is Seasons of Hope, I thought this was the perfect opportunity! I am using the tree pattern from Dare to be Square, just making each tree 1/4 size.

My shopping trip turned up 4 different batiks to use as the sky/background for the trees ranging from white-gray to blue. I found them all at a great quilt shop called Quilted Strait. When I got home from shopping I got busy serging the cut edges of all my recent fabric purchases and gifts and got them in the washer and dryer. Tomorrow morning I will get them all pressed and start cutting as soon as possible, unless I get a second wind this evening.

It is so good to be back in the sewing room again!

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ROZ said...

Four seasons--a big topic