Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keeping on, keeping on

The quilting is done on the relay quilt! And last night at craft night I finished the handsewing on the binding and getting all the threads dealt with. Today I am hoping to get at least part of the embellishments done.

But first...

I need to add name tags to my husband's work coveralls and shorten the sleeves. This is a project I get to do every year or so when he buys a new batch. He is an appliance repairman and prefers coveralls to shirt and pants (and risking butt cleavage) but can't get short sleeved ones so I cut the sleeves off and this time I get to add the name tags since I don't have a fancy embroidery machine to put his name and the company name on otherwise.

Then I also need to finish pressing the fabric that arrived in the mail on Monday. I got about 2/3 of it done yesterday before I had to leave the house. I ordered a load of fabric from Connecting Threads a week or so ago - hard to argue with $3 a yard!

Once all that is done I will figure out the embellishments and also get started on cutting some of that new fabric to have some quilt 'kits' ready to take to the quilt retreat in a couple of weeks.

Another non-quilt sewing project to take care of this week is creating a queen-size fitted sheet for our new hide-a-bed mattress out of a king-size fitted sheet that isn't 'deep' enough for our bed. My sister arrives on Friday for a couple of days and gets to be our guinea pig on the new bed.

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