Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jury Duty

Not much progress this past week because I had jury duty. I went in Monday at 12:30 and was finally done on Thursday at about 10 am. It was a criminal vehicular assault case. The defendant had picked up his cell phone and checked it - didn't make or receive a call or text - but he crossed the center line and hit another car causing rather extensive injuries. It was a huge struggle to make a decision because the instructions we were given were so unclear but it was all we had to go on! We found him not guilty but it was a huge wake-up call that we really need to pay attention when we are driving. Basically a test case for the state working to figure out the testing and driving issue.

Anyway, after we were dismissed I went fabric shopping for a back for the Relay for Life quilt. I ended up at the shop in Port Gamble and discovered another reason to love that shop. They have probably at least 20 different 90-108" fabrics! It is about 20 extra miles beyond the other quilt shops but on a lovely day like Thursday was, it is definitely worth it!

On Friday I got the relay quilt basted and also quilted this baby quilt for my daughter. It is a 1/4 size version of the robot quilt that I made for my grandson for Christmas. Got the binding finished too so I can take it to her the next time I am over there.

Today I started quilting the relay quilt and got all the tree trunks and branches quilted. Then I did the border and sashings and got the background of one of the 4 sections finished. My shoulders were starting to get sore so I decided to put the binding on but the storm outside caused a short power outage so I was didn't get any further than that. Once the power came back I got the rest of the binding on and got started on the hand sewing.

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