Friday, January 7, 2011

Switched to mittens

My sewing room has been out of commission for about three weeks and once those quilt labels were on I had to find some hand work to do. While at our oldest daughter's celebrating Christmas she gave me some yarn and a crochet hook saying her kids needed some mittens.

When my kids were little I made many pairs of mittens for them using a simple crocheted mitten pattern that easily adapted to any size. I didn't have it with me but she found a similar pattern online
here so I got started. I finished a pair for each of the grandkids before I left her house and got another pair made on the drive home. Since we had our little princess with us last week at our house I wasn't going to get started on anything else so I continued working on mittens and got several more pairs made. My plan is to use up all my yarn and some from my daughter making various sizes of mittens to be given to charities next winter (unless I get enough done this winter). I will post pictures of some of the mittens in the next few days but I will leave you with a picture of The Princess in her dancing clothes!

On Wednesday my son and I headed to the east side of the state to get him moved into his new apartment at college and to return The Princess to the bosom of her family. Got him moved in yesterday and then today. a couple of hours into my drive west the car died. I got it towed to an auto repair shop and found out it needs a fuel pump. Since we have two tanks and two pumps and the shop wouldn't be able to get a pump until next week my husband is heading over her this evening and we will try to make it home tomorrow by keeping the tank between 3/4s and full. On our side of the state the fuel pumps are readily available and my husband gets to fix his car on his own.

This next week I need to get the quilt basted, quilted and bound for my friend and get my house cleaned for the arrival of our new couch on Tuesday.

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