Sunday, November 13, 2011


Almost a whole week since my last post! So much has been happening but not much to show. 

In the bathroom we now have the toilet paper holder and towel ring installed. I also picked up a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and shower curtain hooks. The new shower caddy got installed today so we can start using that shower again. I did find a border fabric for the shower curtain and grommets but I haven't gotten it finished. That is on the list for this week, for sure! Hubby got the main body of the new medicine cabinet made and at least one coat of finish on it over the weekend. Maybe I will have some pictures for my next post.

On Friday I decided I was going to roast and shell all of the chestnuts I picked up in the yard. My soup recipe calls for 1# and I had 10#! It took me 9 hours to get them all done and my thumbs were so sore! But the soup was delicious and I have soup and more chestnuts in the freezer because of all my work!

I have done a lot of fabric shopping this week. Besides the shower curtain border fabric I was hunting for background fabrics for the baby quilts I need to get made. Do you know how hard it is to find two blue fabrics - a light and a medium - that go together? And you don't want to buy one at one shop and hope you find the second at another shop so you drive all over!!!!! I did finally get suitable fabrics and also got all the frogs cut out. I am using a pattern called Bullfrog Boogie from Time To Quilt. Today I cut out backgrounds for the first quilt and started sewing the frogs. I had finished my 3rd set of 4 frogs when I discovered I hadn't put the last 4 together right so I had to do some 'frog-stitching' (you know, rip-it, rip-it) and put them back together the right way. Luckily, it was only 4 seams per block. What do you think of the first 12 blocks?
The eyes will be appliqued later using some method. Not sure if it will be yo-yos or just circles appliqued. I plan to get this tip finished tomorrow morning and then I will probably finish up the shower curtain and then get busy with the next 4 frog quilts. I need to make quilts for 5 babies - 4 boys and one unknown. I will make 5 frog quilts and one butterfly quilt and I should have it covered.

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