Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

I did scrub the tub and floor but the tub is going to need something stronger to get it clean. You know, that dried on film that just doesn't want to come off. Got some product for that problem so I will head back in there tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we got the vanity moved back in, the tank back on the commode, a fancy new seat that doesn't slam shut and has a removable potty training seat, the shower curtain rod up and new switches and outlets. I also got the new door painted and Hubby has gotten started on the new medicine cabinet.

I did a little shopping on Friday and found a few more batiks to go with the ones I had.
The one on the bottom is the background. I didn't find a dark blue for the border so I will have to do some more shopping I guess. Oh darn! The fabrics went in the washer Friday afternoon and on Saturday I got all the cutting done and started on the sewing.

After church today, I raked up the first trailer load of leaves from the yard and tidied the house a bit before a lovely visit with a good friend I haven't seen for a couple of years. She is one of those friends that even though you don't see them for long periods of time you can pick up right where you left off. The visit was too short and makes me want to go spend some time in Virginia!

When I got home I did a bit more sewing and now I have these little piles waiting for me on the sewing machine to get started with tomorrow.

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Jody said...

Ummmm. . . Maryland is right next door to Virginia. . . and you also have a brother in West Virginia--which also just so happens to be right next to Virginia. I think you could justify a visit out here!