Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Last week my sister commented that I was slacking and not posting much on Facebook or this blog. Keep in mind she said this while sitting across her living room from me! I spent a week across the state hanging out with my kids, grandkids and finally my sister as she recuperated from foot surgery. I didn't do much posting but I was busy!

I got back home on Saturday and since then I have been busy finishing the data entry so our business taxes can be taken care of. I am officially done as of about 3 this afternoon! Now I can get back to sewing, crocheting and other important work!

The first projects that need to be finished are the frog quilts. I have 3 quilted and the bindings done and I will probably quilt the 4th one tomorrow and get that binding done. This evening at craft night my plan was to work on making the yo-yo eyes for the quilts. I found some white with black polka dot fabric that I thought would be perfect but now I am not so sure. What do you think?
Do you like the white with black polka dot or does that gold frog look a little crazed? I am not a huge fan of the solid black though either. Any thoughts? I don't want to make 160 yo-yos only to decide I don't like them and need to come up with something else!

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brittany said...

I think I like the white eyes better, even though he does look a little crazy... Hahaha