Saturday, February 4, 2012

Things Happening

I am finally feeling like I might get some things finished! And also get some new things started.

I got the 4th frog quilt quilted and the binding is waiting for the hand sewing. I decided to go with the polka dot eyes or at least I made enough for one quilt and I will put them on and see what I think. If I need to I will take them off and try something else. I am hoping I will like these so I can get these done! My plan is to work on those quilts between commercials tomorrow, you know, while those crazy men are running around the field and knocking each other down.

I have an order for 5 owl hats and another for one so I am working on those when I am not feeling like sewing. I should have those done this next week. I am working on so many and need so many different colors of yarn I had to step up to a bigger basket.
I am having fun with new color combinations! I want to have a bunch done for the quilt show on March 10th and even more done for Relay on June 1-2.

My Relay for Life quilt this year is going to be a Harry Potter themed quilt. There are tons of paper-piecing patterns online and I am really looking forward to this project. My plan is to make two quilts - one for Relay and one for me to give as a gift or sell or whatever. 

Yesterday and today I got my first three blocks done for the star block round robin. I have had one of them since Halloween and the others for probably 2 months. I was inspired to get these done and out of my sewing room because I brought 4 packets to my niece from my sister's house and she is the person I come after! I am sure the person after me will be much happier to get these three now instead of all 7 at once! I had fun making them and it is so frustrating not being able to post pictures of them until the reveal sometime later this year.

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