Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shopping and Dropping

Dropping off quilt show posters, that is. I decided today would be a great day to get some errands taken care of. 

I got the date changes made for the quilt show signs and took them to get them laminated. I was pleasantly surprised that I could get them done while I waited!

Then I headed to the first LQS to look for back fabric and to drop off quilt show information. The person working today was so helpful and friendly. She even offered to take a copy of the information to her quilt guild and gave me her email address so I could send the information to her in an email so she could pass it on to the newsletter editor. She also suggested I take the drawing quilt to the local farmer's markets to sell tickets. I think I might just try to do that as well as maybe spending a day at each of the local quilt shops. 

I didn't find a back there so headed to the next shop and found a nice black tonal that will work. I even had a full punch card so got almost 40% off the cost! The owner there is also willing to have me spend a day selling tickets at her shop.

After dropping a bag of discards at the thrift shop I headed to the next shop. They were not as friendly - I have found that shop to be rather hit and miss in the customer service department - but they did take a quilt show flyer to post. That shop wasn't far from a sewing machine place so I dropped a flyer off there also. 

The sewing machine place was right by the Amish furniture place and I stopped in and bought a nice sturdy drying rack which will be great for hanging quilts for sale at the quilt show and other events.

Headed off to the next shop where the ladies were very friendly and, as I perused the clearance fabrics, I came upon this piece of Christmas fabric (the scissors and seam ripper are for scale).
I saw it and thought how great it would be for a back for this quilt...
...which I would love to have done before the quilt show. If things go well with the HP quilt and I get a lot done at the retreat next week I think I should be able to quilt this one and the last of the 5 other Christmas quilts I made last fall. 

Anyway, after I got home I got my new fabrics in the washer and got busy finishing the cutting of the girl baby quilt so it is all kitted up and ready for the retreat. 

Right now, I am ready to relax for the rest of the evening but I am hoping tomorrow I will have it in me to get the HP quilt basted and ready for quilting.

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