Friday, February 10, 2012

More Harry Potter

I finished up my last owl hat order on Tuesday so I am putting away the yarn and crochet hook for a while while I finish up the baby quilts and the Harry Potter quilt.

The last binding is finished on the baby quilts so now it is time to get those eyes done. I am sure it is one of those things where once I get started it won't take any time at all but I dread it so put it off. I am sure no one else has this problem!

I have made a total of 20 blocks for the Harry Potter quilt. You can see them all on Flickr. I started out making two of each block and got 8 sets made: brooms, time turners, Harry's beds, The Burrows, Knight's Bus, crystal balls, butter beer and deathly hallow's symbol. I have a deadline to get the quilt finished so I decided I had better just make one of each for now and go back later and make the second quilt. Here are the 4 blocks I made today: Fawkes, Tom Riddle's diary, a dementor and Harry's glasses. 

I have ordered some fabric for the quilt and hope to get started on the center panel design. It is going to be Hogwarts Castle with the lake in front. 

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brittany said...

I AM DYING HERE! This quilt is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!