Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blocks Around

I was on a roll today! I headed to the sewing room to work on the Harry Potter quilt but glanced over at the quilting machine and saw the last comfort quilt waiting to be quilted and decided that was the first order of business. Got the quilting done and set it aside to take to the quilt retreat to get the binding on (unless I get to it before I leave).

Then after a phone call from my son, I decided I had better get started on taping and texturing the drywall in the bathroom or it will never get done. We really want that project done before the beginning of April when our second daughter comes home for a few months to work on her tiny house. So I did the first coat. Not sure I did a great job but it is what it is. I am sure it will all turn out okay.

After I got those two jobs done I laid out the blocks around the quilt and started to add the frames around them. I had taken a picture of where the blocks went around the quilt and planned for the red, green, yellow and blue frames to repeat around the quilt. When I laid them out again according to my picture I realized I had picked up some incorrectly and the colors weren't in the right order. I resigned myself to them being in the wrong order and then suddenly realized I could just rearrange them so the colors were right - the order of the blocks wasn't that important. So funny how we get hung up on something like that and almost end up being disappointed in the finished product. Once I got over that, I got the blocks all attached to the center of the quilt by about 5 this evening and had it hanging up to admire!
After a quick trip to the grocery store I made breakfast for dinner and then took the quilt down to audition an option for borders. A narrow border of black and then a wider border of the castle fabric. What do you think?
Not sure I like this, it is kind of drab. I am kind of wondering if I would have enough of the backing fabric to use it as a border and if that would look nice. I guess I will just have to wait and see!

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