Tuesday, February 7, 2012


While I was trying to watch the commercials during the Super Bowl, hubby decided to rip out the shower in the guest bathroom/laundry room. There was lots of noise and dust coming from there! It went from this
 to this
and ended with this.
Yesterday evening we headed to Lowe's and got a new shower stall so once I have finished cleaning up the mess, we can start the rebuild. 

I finished up the last of the hats for the order of 5 last night.  
Yes, I know there are 7 hats in the picture. I made an extra to make sure I have the right sizes and had one on hand already. I hope to get them in the mail today. Over the weekend I got the other one crocheted and this evening I will get it put together and deliver it at craft night. 

I didn't get to work on the frog quilts on Sunday so I will need to get moving on those before I get going on more hats. 

Yesterday I made my first block for the Relay for Life Quilt and one for its twin. This is Hermoine's Time Turner.
I hope to get at least one more design done today and hopefully one more tree pruned and the clippings picked up since the rain is supposed to be back tomorrow. That means that work outside just won't be happening but I can spend the day in the sewing room! WooHoo!

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