Monday, February 27, 2012

Some roofing, landscaping, glazing and stonework

I started my day doing a little cuddling with one of my favorite little babies. Mommy had a Dr. appointment so I tried to keep my buddy happy. Not an easy task, shall we say!

I had a quick lunch and then got started with the quilt. I started with the roofs making lots of little clamshells.
 Moved to the windows next
 Put in a few stones on the steps
Then I tidied up the grassy area and added some breezes in the sky.

The center is done except for a couple of spots so there is a good chance I can finish the quilting tomorrow and maybe even get the binding on. There were a few tension issues so I had to take out a bit so I will definitely have to wash this one when it is done to help close up the needle holes.

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Will Peartin said...

The quilted house is so unique with its granite-like wall and black roof. Hmmm, what if I can turn that house into reality? I'm sure it would last a pretty long time!