Saturday, February 25, 2012

So what do you think?

Yep, the top is done and waiting for backing. Though I haven't gotten an email saying the backing has shipped so I might just have to go do some shopping to get a different backing fabric so I can get this thing quilted and finished! I am planning to make another Harry Potter quilt so when the backing does come I will just use it for that.

I ended up with a black tonal for a border. I had enough of the fabric to cut 4" strips to go around so that is what it got!

Yesterday I also did another coat of mud on the drywall so it is looking better though still not great - definitely not one of my favorite jobs. 

Other jobs for yesterday included folding the 3 loads of laundry that have been languishing in the laundry room while I sewed, going to my neighbors to cut numbers on her Cricut to put a new date on the quilt show sandwich boards so they can get put out today or tomorrow, and doing a little cuddling with an adorable little baby boy. The little guy is almost 3 months old and was not impressed with my skills - he wanted Mommy! When his daddy came home he said that it is the same way for him so I shouldn't feel too bad! I didn't because we did have a little while when he was happy!

Oh, and I also had a little time to get started with cutting the pieces for the girl baby quilt. I would love to have the cutting done today so it is ready to take to the quilt retreat but my first job is to get the sign amendments done so they can be laminated so they last for 2 weeks in our lovely wet February/March weather!


Anonymous said...

I think it is great and looking forward to seeing it in person. I think Brita could be on to something - a gold binding - I don't think I would do it scrappy on this one. I'm doing laundry,, it's snowing and I have to go get some milk - we are all out, plus some Synod Stuff to copy, AND some packing for the quilt retreat hopefully.

brittany said...

SO AMAZING!!!!! I love it!!!!

Zippster said...

I Looks AMAZING!!! I am currently working on my 2 yr old's harry potter quilt as she loves HP! Ive a few of Jennifer Ofenstein's blocks done already but when my daughter saw your quilt she freaked!!! Did you do this from the top of your head or did you use a pattern? I would really like to make this for her! Thanks!!