Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two blocks and a hat

Last night was a captain's rally for Relay for Life and I brought along some crocheting to keep my hands busy. I continued after I got home and finished all the parts for a hat and today while I had coffee with friends I got the hat all put together. That makes 5 hats on hand for sale. This evening an order came in for another hat. The little girls likes red, royal blue and teal and also really likes peacocks. I think I am going to try to make a 'peacock-y' owl hat. We will see what happens with that!

Today I only got two blocks for the HP quilt done. I think one has 65 pieces and the other 70-some which explains why I only got 2 done!
Most of the blocks are somewhere between 5 and 6 inches finished but the Harry Potter block will finish up at about 4.5" X 9". I think this quilt will inspire a lot of ticket sales! Raising money to find the cure for cancer is what Relay for Life is all about! I am hoping to raise $1000 this year myself and would love for you to go to my personal page and help me make my goal. 

A new quilting friend of mine mentioned recently that she was interested in learning more about free motion quilting and I said when I had a quilt ready to go I would let her know. I remembered that today and realized that I have two quilts ready to quilt so I called her up and she will be over tomorrow morning so maybe both of the basted quilts will be ready for bindings tomorrow.

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