Saturday, February 18, 2012


My castle fabric arrived today! As soon as my husband brought it in I got busy prewashing so I could get started on Hogwarts! While it was in the washer and dryer I got 3 more blocks done.

They go much faster when they don't have so many parts! When these were done I pressed the new fabric and got started. First up was finishing the 4 house crests. Got those done fairly quickly though not without some minor mistakes. Then came the Hogwarts crest. And then I started building me a castle!
Here is what we have so far. There are a few other small pieces made up but they didn't make it in this shot. I picked out my roof fabric but discovered I didn't have enough for what I have planned so either I need to go shopping or use two different fabrics. I am leaning toward the two different fabrics because I really want to try to use up more of the fabric I have on hand. I also picked out my grass and sky fabrics from my stash. I think next I will make a few blocks using the sky fabric, you know, the Flying Ford Anglia, a Dragon and maybe Hedwig and then I can look at getting the sky added to the castle. When the sky and castle are put together I will move on to the grass and then the lake. When that is all done I can add the other blocks around the outside and make some borders.

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Lush said...

WOW!!! This quilt is awesome!!!
Is the pattern your own design or is it a bought one?
I think this will raise an enormous amount of money! Have you thought of putting it on Etsy or some such to garner more ticket sales?
I would be happy to post to my facebook page if you would like? I have so many friends that would love to own this beauty.
London, UK