Sunday, February 5, 2012


It is Super Sunday at my house and it has nothing to do with football OR commercials! Today the new medicine cabinet went up in the bathroom. 
One step closer to finishing the bathroom remodel. You can't see the boo-boo in this picture but the frames for the mirrors have to be redone. At least we can use the cabinet until they are done, though! We can now take our showers and brush our teeth, comb our hair, etc. in one bathroom. The next step is the light fixture above the cabinet which will be worked on when hubby isn't working on replacing the shower in the other bathroom.

The other change in the house today is that the Ironrite moved into the house. 
One of our customers gave this to hubby this past year. It does work but I haven't actually tested it for ironing. Now that it is in the house I might have to see how it goes.

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