Friday, May 25, 2012

Rainy Days and Sewing

Since I didn't get to got to my daughter's graduation, I decided to head over to my daughter's house to see the grandkids and also to deliver a metal desk and some planters to my son's apartment. Daughter, Rebecca, came along. Unfortunately, the grandkids were sick with high temps and colds but we did get some cuddle time and managed to stay healthy in spite of it. Also spent some time with my son, Jakob, helping him plant his little seedlings in the pots I brought for his balcony garden and doing a little shopping. It was fun spending some time with all three kids together.

We came home and on Saturday we helped my husband get the ramp on the garden shed but boy were we tired! There was digging involved.
And framing.
Hubby got a good deal on the Trex we used. It was two colors which made some nice subtle stripes.
Still have some more digging to do so we will be able to drive the lawn tractor right in.
Just a few more smaller steps left to do along with the doors and windows and then this project will be done, well, except for the painting which could take a while. Luckily, someone else will be doing the roof!

The rain returned on Sunday which meant I could legitimately spend as much time as I wanted in the sewing room. My first job was making a dog sling for my Jakob's little dog, Mandu. Jakob likes to walk but, as much as she would like to, Mandu just can't keep up on a long walk! I didn't have Jakob and Mandu here for sizing but I did what I could and got it together on Sunday afternoon and brought it over to my friend's house so her daughter could bring it over to Jakob the next morning. I haven't heard yet if it works.

Because there was a need for another comfort quilt at church, I got the top I had finished quilted and bound and delivered.
Then I worked on getting the next top put together and I have one more from this pattern cut out and ready to sew.

My friend, Maurianne, finished the 3rd graduation quilt for the kids at church and gave it to me so yesterday I got backs made for all three out of flannel I had in the big flannel bin and even got them all basted. I am hoping to get one quilted this morning before I head out for my errands for the day.

It sounds like we will have company for this holiday weekend - our daughter, Chelsea, and grandkids will be here and possibly Jakob. This means we will also have the addition of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and possibly a Maltese to add to the fun and excitement!

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