Saturday, June 9, 2012

Catching Up

Things have been happening around here and elsewhere! The morning of Relay as I was getting things together to pack in the car they roofers came and got the garden shed covered. It was raining quite a bit and I felt bad that they had to be out there on that steep roof but they had it done in about 6 hours. Here you can see one of the guys up there - this was my view from the deck - I wasn't going out in the rain!
Relay was amazing as always, in spite of rain during the luminary ceremony. The Harry Potter quilt was a hit. I raised nearly $750 with it! Our team raised over $4000 this year and our community raised close to $150,000 to help fight cancer! 

I managed to get about one hour of sleep during the event so I crashed when I got home but after a 3 hour nap I was able to stay away a couple more hours until bed! 

Sunday I was pretty lazy but on Monday I got two adorable aprons made for the grandkids. At craft night a few weeks ago, Nadine gave me the pieces for the pink one all cut out and loaned me the pattern for the directions to put it together for my granddaughter. 
I couldn't make one for the little princess and not for her 'bruver' so I found some fun map fabric and put this one together for him.  
We will be putting them to good use on their next visit. We have plans to make a cake with roses on it!

On Tuesday I headed across the state for some quality time with my two favorite little ones (and their parents). We had a great time. The main reason for my visit though was to go to a doctor visit with our son who is going to have to have knee surgery to take care of a torn meniscus. Unfortunately, he seems to have inherited his father's knees. He still has to meet with the surgeon on Monday to schedule the surgery and then I will be able to plan my summer a little more since I will be spending several days helping with his recuperation.

Before I headed home on Thursday afternoon I decorated my grandson's half-birthday cake. I didn't bring my decorating supplies with me so I bought a few items and, after talking the boy out of a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter, I used my 'awesome cake skills' to make a cool spider cake. 

It was good to be home and yesterday and today I got a few things done around the house and got the 3rd blue and green comfort quilt top finished. My goal next week is to get the two comfort quilts basted along with a Christmas quilt and then I will have 4 quilts to get quilted. I have two of the three graduation quilts all done and hope to get the third all finished tomorrow.

I am also hoping for the rain to let up a bit so I can get some yard work in too!

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