Friday, June 22, 2012


Things just aren't slowing down! When last I wrote I was waiting for my son to find out when his surgery would be. Meanwhile, I was working in the yard, on the garden shed and on graduation quilts. 

About noon on that Monday I got a call from the boy and his surgery was scheduled for the next morning! I finished my weeding, took a shower, ran a few errands, threw some clothes in a suitcase, jumped in the car and headed across the state! The surgeon was hopeful that he would be able to repair the meniscus instead of removing it to help Jakob avoid arthritis and a knee replacement. I arrived about 9 PM and we visited for a bit before heading to bed. Surgery was delayed until about 12:45 but we were well taken care of by the hospital staff. The procedure lasted about 1.5 hours and the doctor came out to let me know that it went well but that they had to remove 50% of the meniscus on the inside of his right knee - it was shredded! We headed home after he had a meal and got training on crutches. 

The day after surgery he was up and about some and getting ornery! I stayed around for one more day and then headed home. He is doing well and sees the doctor this morning for his post-op check.

I came home and got busy around here! So much to do! I had farmed out one of the graduation quilts to get the binding hand sewing done so when I got home I just needed to get the labels done. With everything else going on I ended up finishing that project on Sunday morning before church! 

I dropped the quilts off at church to be given to the grads but I couldn't stay. During the night I got  back spasm and I was in pain! I went home and struggled to find a position to be in that would let it relax. Finally, it relaxed enough for me to get a little napping done and by evening I was able to be up and about, even making dinner.

Over the weekend everything got moved into the garden shed and my husband and daughter got shelves, etc. for pots and implements. Here are some pictures from the weekend. There is still a bit of work to do: a new counter top and some pegboard for starters.

The first picture shows our old bathroom sink mounted on the wall. I will be using it for potting plants. There is now drain pipe so that excess potting soil will fall into the bucket below. In the wall next to the sink are shelves for most of my pots. 
These next to pictures show the parking area for the larger equipment. Hanging on the walls you can see all the shovels, rakes, hoes and other tools. In the wall on the side are all the wooden stakes, ranging in length from about 1 foot to 5 feet.
Here you can see a shelf up about the window and countertop. Hooks were added for the sprinkler, hanging pots and two old calf-feeding buckets (unfortunately the nipples have deteriorated and broken  off). On the shelf are some old pots and dishpans that may or may not ever be used. 
Finally you can see our former utility room counter/drawers. Inside you will find gloves, strings, seeds and more pots. The loft area is filling up but it will take an awful lot to get it totally filled.
This week the weather has been pretty nice so I have spent time outside working in the garden and flower beds. The garden is looking awesome and the strawberries are starting to produce. We are enjoying unlimited strawberries! Last night I made a tasty beverage in the blender with lemonade and fresh strawberries. I have also been able to spend some time enjoying the Sky Chairs

Today my body is telling me that we are not working outside so I am not too sad they are forecasting rain! Besides, the garden could use some water! I will be heading to the grocery store and hopefully doing a bit of sewing. I am working on a couple more comfort quilts.

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