Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good Weekend

Does it ever slow down? It just doesn't seem like it around here! This past weekend was a 3-day one for us as my husband decided to take Friday off since appliance repair calls weren't coming in fast and furious. We did our grocery shopping and then he went off with Rebecca to buy wood for her little house and I did some sewing.

In the afternoon I met a couple friends for coffee and left with a job - yes, a real job! It is just temporary but it is full time. I am going back to the job I left about 11 years ago. When I left the job I had 2 kids at home and my mom was in the nursing home and I needed less going on in my life. People frown on you dumping your family so I dumped the job! Starting next Monday I will be secretary/bookkeeper at our church and daycare. Sharon, who replaced me 11 years ago, is retiring and I will do the job while a permanent replacement is found. I am sure I will enjoy it for the 3 weeks or so that I will be on the job but I am not excited about the whole full time thing! Doesn't leave a lot of time or energy for sewing and gardening!

Saturday I got a bit more sewing done and then went to Sharon's retirement celebration. When I got home everyone was gone, buying more wood, but they came home bearing pizza for dinner!

Shortly after I got home from church on Sunday my sister and niece arrived for an afternoon visit. We picked the strawberries, had a little tour of the garden shed, little house and flower beds and then hung out on the Sky Chairs and visited. 

Yesterday I picked more strawberries and did some mowing but mostly I sewed on the comfort quilts. I finished all the blocks for the two quilts and got the rows put together for one of them. I would love to have the two tops done today and the weather seems to be cooperating with a bit of rain!

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