Monday, January 19, 2009

More Organizing

One would think it was spring and not the dead of winter with all the cleaning/organizing/rearranging I have been doing.

This is a picture of the bookcase that has been the home of our VHS tapes and DVD's for some time. I am not a big fan of videos being on display all the time so I have long been trying to come up with a way to hide them. I suggested a year or so ago that we put all the DVDs in one of those 'wallets' that they make for CDs and DVDs. My husband didn't like this idea and resisted mightily.

When our grandson was visiting after Christmas it became apparent that we needed to get them put somewhere else for his safety - he was climbing the bookcase to get to his favorite movie so he could watch.

So I bought a couple of 'wallets' and a label maker and got started on the project. I made a label for each disc so that we would be able to see the name of the movie or TV show easily and also see how long it is. I had to buy some more holders once it became clear how many movies there really were on those shelves! But, so began the process of reducing this... this.

Now I can work on repurposing the shelf space for something more attractive like some of the tiny sewing machines my husband has purchased lately along with more quilts and maybe even some books!

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