Monday, January 19, 2009


I think I mentioned back in December that our daughter and her cat arrived back at home. They are currently living in our travel trailer and she is working with her dad fixing appliances. She and her dad will start building her little house on wheels sometime this spring I think. She moved back from Alaska where she went to college and spent an additional 2 years exploring and working. She also took a 3-month cross-country bicycle trip from San Diego to Florida two years ago. All this information is leading up to the two bicycles and bike trailer that need a heated space in which to be stored. My husband has vetoed using his office or shop as that storage space and I vetoed the great room (where they are right now). We were discussing this problem while I was surfing the web and I realized that if I moved my computer back to the sewing room the bikes could be stored in our son's former bedroom (they can easily be moved out to the deck or garage when company comes).

So, I moved the computer today and vacuumed the sewing room. Things are pretty good but I do have some more tidying to do before I will be totally happy with the situation. I had been planning this move regardless but the bikes in the great room kind of spurred me on. I like being able to just roll over to the computer to check email and such while the iron heats up or whatever and I have a TV in here which I missed in the other room.

Well, now I need to head back into the old computer room and do some vacuuming, etc. Maybe I will have some quilting pictures to show soon.

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