Friday, April 10, 2009

Kindness and Goodness

I had a great trip, visit-wise but a long trip travel-wise. Monday I drove the five hours to our daughter's home and then we went over to WSU to pick up our son for a little shopping and his birthday dinner. Back to my daughter's to sleep and in the morning a little cuddle and play time with the kids before I headed off to Sandpoint to deliver my mom's Singer 301 to my sister. I also picked up my portable sewing table. Again a good visit but after a delicious breakfast at a new little restaurant near their house I was on the road home again! A total of about 14 hours in the car by myself.

I got two more 'fruits' done yesterday.
My goal today is to get the last three done and start laying them out to figure out what else I will do for the quilt. I would love to have the top done this weekend so it is just quilting that is left!

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