Saturday, April 18, 2009

New set-up

Yesterday I got the quilting done on the Fruits of the Spirit quilt. I had been doing all my machine quilting on larger quilts standing up at my sewing table, but since I have been having some problems with my feet and legs I needed to find a way to quilt sitting down. I picked up my little SewEzi table at my sister's house last week so I decided to set it up for my Pfaff and used another small table to help support the quilt. It worked wonderfully! My wrist was a little sore from maneuvering the quilt but my legs, feet and back were very happy!

My only problem was that when I got to quilting with a bit more speed the machine started to try to walk off the table! I have some large c-clamps that I use for my quilt frame so I tried just clamping the table to block the machine and it worked. Later, my husband found me this cute little clamp to use in the future.

I got the binding added last night and started hand-stitching it while watching the boob tube and just got that finished off this morning. I still have lots of little threads to tie off and hide but I am so happy with how this quilt is turning out. I also need to make the label but that will have to wait till Monday or Tuesday to get the kids' signatures and a photo to print on it. I hope to take care of the threads this evening and then tomorrow I will get a picture of the whole quilt and also the individual picture blocks to share with all of you. The label photo will come later this week. I guess the quilt will be done in time to be auctioned off.

Meanwhile, the sun is out today so after I do a bit of grocery shopping I am going to get out and finish pruning the apple trees.

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