Thursday, April 2, 2009


I have been working on the wedding quilt I am making for our niece who is getting married in June. I am using this pattern and somehow I miscounted and put too many 'first' corners on the neutral blocks!!! I knew I needed 420 neutral blocks with one red corner so I could add a second corner to 300 of them. Somehow my brain forgot how to count to 4 - as in 4 piles of 100 - and went on to 5! Why would anyone voluntarily sew 100 extra of a block!!?!?!?!? Luckily I had cut enough extra neutral pieces to make a twin sized quilt so I don't need to cut more neutrals but I need more red since now I don't have enough of the little squares to make the second corners.

There is an option on the pattern to make the stars a different color than the rest of the quilt so I might look into that but I am not sure what other color I would use. I could use green to make a Christmas quilt that didn't scream Christmas since I am not using Christmas prints. I could use blues but that would scream Americana which is not my favorite. Dark browns might work. Or I can just make the twin the same as the queen, but that is boring. Any ideas?


Chelsea said...

I like brown for the stars, pink could be cool for a valentiney quilt (not my thing but some people like it). Purple could also be nice. It would make a cool Christmas quilt with green (dark forest green), I am a lot of help huh?

maria said...

Thank you for sharing the pattern you use with us. I will try to make it too.