Saturday, July 4, 2009

I haven't gotten anything done that I have pictures of but I have been getting things done. I am getting close to being done with all my magazines. I have pulled out 2-3" of pages. I found some good ideas for patterns for using up some fabrics I have had for a while and want to get used up including a bag of batik scraps from a garage sale.

Yesterday I finally got the SFRR3 flimsy that I need to finish off out of its bag and got it basted, machine quilted and the binding on. I still have some hand quilting and the hand sewing on the binding but that shouldn't take long once I get those magazines done!

Oh Wait! I did make something that I have pictures of:
These are the two 5.5" blocks I will be sending to John for June Baggie Bingo over on Flickr. I guess I was in a yellow and green mood, whatever that means!

I have also been doing some work on our property in the mornings when it is cooler and while I still have some energy. The strawberries are slowing down but the raspberries have started. I also did some cleaning out in one of our more jungle-like areas in the yard! In the midst of some of that I got a bee sting on the back of my leg yesterday.

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ROZ said...

That basket is a winner