Saturday, November 14, 2009

sewing, but not quilting

Since the denim quilt tops got finished I haven't done anymore quilty kind of sewing but I did make this cute little dress for my granddaughter, Clara. She is 16 months old but is a bit shrimpy so I think the dress will be a bit big but it is somewhere to start. I have more fabrics to use for more dresses and the good news is that she might grow into this one before summer comes again! I am holding off on the elastic in the sleeves so I put the right length in when it fits her. I hope to get a picture of her in the dress next week when I am at their house.
I finally got around to taking pictures of these three blocks I received in the Quilt Block Exchange. The first two are from October and the one on the right is my first one for November.I hope to get started on my November blocks tomorrow.

Today I helped out tying quilts for Lutheran World Relief at our church. Several of the usual ladies were out of town so I got a call to help. We got the usual 10 quilts tied this morning so I am glad it worked in my schedule this time. After stopping at the store for ingredients, I spent the rest of the afternoon making lasagna for my husband for his continuing birthday celebration (we went out to dinner last night) and an apple coffee cake for 'bruncheon' tomorrow at church. Now I am pooped and need to get off my feet.

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