Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Awesome Deal!

So what is the least you have paid for quilting fabric? $2/yard? $1/yard? That was about as good as it had ever gotten for me before Friday. But on Friday, I got so lucky!

I was checking out some local garage sales after dropping the dog off at the groomer and at one, I saw a Fiskar's cutting mat in it's package. I asked how much and was told $3 and that she didn't think she had even used it. I went for it since many of my mats are getting a bit sketchy.

The lady asked if I wanted her sewing machine and I explained that I have several machines already and she asked what kind of sewing I do. I answered with "mostly quilting" and she said she was sure she had some fabric in the piles somewhere so she went hunting. She found a plastic bin full of fabric and said she wanted $5 for all of it including the bin! I took the deal and loaded my car.

When I got home with all my treasures I looked at the mat and discovered that it had been used some but not too much and in the package were two rulers! An Omnigrid 6"X12" and a Fiskars 6"X24" which still had the protective film on the bottom! Many of my rulers are getting a bit sketchy also so I was jazzed!

I didn't really look at the fabric until Sunday and on Monday I got the serger out and got the fabric in the washer. It is all washed, pressed and folded now and the final tally is:

8 fat quarters
23 - 1/2 yard pieces
1 - 2/3 yard pieces
6 - 1 yard pieces
2 - 1.5 yard pieces

for a total of 23 yards and on top of that there were 8 yards of one white on cream so 31 yards of fabric for $5! There was also some drapery/decorating fabric. I have used part of that to make one LWR quilt top and have enough for probably half of another top!

Today was the first day of sewing with the big kids at our church's daycare. We had fun for two hours helping 12 kids each make one block for a LWR quilt top and one block to be made into a mini quilt for them to take home. I think there will be 7 more kids on Thursday to help and then hopefully we can get all the mini quilts finished too. We will have the kids help tie the quilt when we have our regular LWR quilt tying day.

I used some of the 8 yard piece of fabric to finish off my 1.5" squares. I got the top done this afternoon.

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