Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is it going to settle down?

At this point I am not so sure. But more about that after I update you on the last couple of weeks.

Here are the quilts that I made with the kids. This is Layden's creation. He is 5 1/2 and just started Kindergarten. He was very methodical in his placement of the pieces. He chose the layout - I think he saw it more as 2 rows of 3 instead of 3 rows of 2! He chose his green background fabric and was instrumental in the choice of the rainbows for the back and sashing.
Here is little Clara's quilt. She is 3 and just like laying them all over the place! Clara chose pink because, you know, pink is her 'fravrite' color!
I drove them back home last Monday and let me tell you, driving for 6 hours or so with those two kids is no mean feat! The only time they weren't talking was, wait! they never stopped talking! I was able to kiss them goodbye the next morning as they headed to the first day of Kindergarten and preschool and then rode with their dad to pick them up and hear about their morning. While they were at school I enjoyed a relaxed conversation with my son-in-law. He works 12-hour shifts on the weekends when I am usually visiting so it was nice to have a chat without kid distractions.

I headed out just before lunch and my son fed me lunch at his apartment at college. He is starting his senior year at Washington State University.

I left there when he needed to head to class and drove up to my other daughter's house on Lake Coeur d'Alene. She had to work until 7 so I got to have a nice one-on-one with my other son-in-law. I spent the next two days at their house enjoying my daughter's 'weekend'. We had a little sew-in up in her attic. Thank goodness the weather was a bit cooler so it was comfortable up there! We each got a Professional Tote made and had a great time! This is my bag...
 ...and this is Rebecca finishing hers. 
I headed home on Friday and got busy with laundry, picking blackberries and getting everything put away. My sister arrived for a visit from Idaho just before dinner as did her daughter who lives about 30 miles away. We had a fun weekend! Saturday we did a garage sale marathon hitting 27 sales! We got some treasures - my favorite was a piece of vintage barkcloth - about 11 1/2 yards for $80! I have been thinking about making new curtains for the bedroom using barkcloth but hadn't yet found any larger pieces online.

Several months ago, our pastor asked me to make her a green stole to wear with her alb. I got it finished very quickly but then never remembered to bring my camera to get a picture of her wearing it. I finally remembered this past Sunday so here it is. I caught her as she was greeting folks after worship.
She looks happy here but today she was looking a bit tired. A hot water pipe broke under the kitchen sink at church on Tuesday evening sometime and wasn't discovered until about 5:30 in the morning when the daycare staff came in. The kitchen and bathrooms upstairs were flooded along with the bathrooms, storage area and one classroom downstairs. Luckily, the insurance company is being very helpful and we have professionals cleaning things up but it is still a headache! Tomorrow I am going to go in and help figure out which of the wet items is worth keeping or should be trashed! Luckily, we have finally gotten summer here so it is warm and dry to help with the drying and the weather is supposed to be lovely for outdoor worship on Sunday.

Yesterday I did some yard work and got laundry washed and on the line during the day and in the evening I made it to my quilt guild meeting. We had a great speaker and I got my registration forms for putting quilts in the show in October. Also, the guild president announced that she won the auction for my quilt that was hanging at the bluegrass festival!

This morning I did some more laundry (the sheets and towels are all done now) and also made two batches of peach jam and this afternoon was LWR quilting day at the church. 

I haven't gotten any sewing done since I have been home but I am hoping to get into the sewing room soon as I have quite a few project deadlines looming!

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susan said...

oh wow, busy busy weekend~ must have been nice to visit. your grands quilts are adorable and you are such a good gran to do that.
your pastors stole is beautiful!! lucky pastor
sorry to hear about the water. that is horrible