Monday, September 26, 2011

A little sewing, a lot of other stuff

Where does the time go? I have been so busy with so many things but not blogging. I get situated on the couch in the evening and blogging is the last thing I am feeling like doing!

My son-in-law arrived on the 16th and over the weekend we turned this...
into this!
Progress is being made on the little house on wheels again. It is looking very nice. Hopefully, they will be able to come over again soon and get a little more done. My niece was over helping with the siding but she also helped me make some crazy quilt blocks out of my Christmas scraps. All together we got 105 blocks made!
Here are six of the blocks auditioning a fabric for sashing. I tried out lots of options and this is the one I bought along with a cute print for the corner blocks. I am now working on getting the rows made and I would love to have the top done tomorrow but that could easily be sabotaged!

In my drawers of Christmas scraps there were all of these little triangles left over from another quilt. I got them all sewn together and I think there are 407, but I could be off by one or two!
I am doing some thinking of a new way to use these little babies. I have some ideas but first they must all be trimmed square! 

Here is another of my projects - garden produce! Here you see the last 'big' picking of green beans and some zucchini in my dishpan being dwarfed by one of my pumpkins! I also picked three dishpans full of Damson plums one day and had to come up with uses for them! Most of them ended up in the freezer to be pulled out later for snacking or jam.
This past weekend my husband and I rearranged 'stuff' from the garage and various outbuildings on our property. Here is how things looked early on in the process! 
As I said earlier, I hope to get a quilt top together tomorrow or the next day and I need to start getting things packed up for my quilt retreat next week. I have the Christmas fabrics cut but need the black packed for the strips between and all my paraphernalia and maybe a couple of other projects to work on. If I am really good I might get the crazy quilt top turned into a quilt and I can work on the binding at the retreat.

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