Saturday, October 1, 2011

One top done, another started

Got the top of the Christmas Crazy Quilt put together. I had originally planned to add borders but it is already something like 76" square and I didn't want to make a huge quilt so I think I will stop here. Besides, I wasn't happy with any of the options for borders with it.
There is a need for another comfort quilt at church so I got two more cut out and started sewing one. Here you can see the remaining pieces for the one I have started and the extra one in the ziploc bag. I even got smart and added a slip of paper telling me the name of the pattern and the page number and the name of the book it is in so I can avoid confusion when I get ready to sew!
These are the next pieces I will be sewing later this morning when I head into the sewing room. 
I would love to have the top done today but that will depend on many factors! One of which is motivation and another is distractions! Wish me luck!

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