Friday, October 14, 2011

First Step

We have started redoing the bathroom this week. The first step is to install the cabinet we bought last week. Here you see the shelves in the cubby where the cabinet will go.
I am being kind and not showing you the frightening monster dust bunnies that were on the floor! You see, we have had a fire safe here in the bottom of the cubby for the last 19-20 years. It just fit so it hasn't been out since it was put in there and the dust under there was scary! 

Well, we tried to just slide the cabinet in but it is probably about 1/8" too big so we pulled it out again to think about how to get it in. My hubby decided that taking out the drywall on the left side which backs the bathtub was the best choice. He took that out a couple of nights ago with minimal mess (and he cleaned it up himself!) and this is what it looks like now.
A small leak at a soldered joint was discovered in the process which will be fixed first and then some thinner material will be put over the opening and hopefully the cabinet will fit in and then the rough edges will be covered with trim wood. Maybe by Monday I will have pictures of the cabinet in place. I need to be thinking about paint colors for the bathroom so I am ready when it is time for that step.

Wednesday afternoon during a break in the rain I headed down to the garden to bring in the last of the produce. I pulled all the squash, pumpkin and bean plants and got them hauled off. I also pulled the last of my carrots and the few kohl rabi that grew to a size worth eating. Here is the haul.
There are 5 pumpkins weighing in at 39, 32, 16, 15 and 15 pounds! I am pretty amazed at the size of these pumpkins especially since I planted them and never gave them any fertilizer at all. Just water! I am hoping they will orange up by Halloween so the grandkids can use them for jack o'lanterns. There are 9 acorn squash and one of those is huge! Also got my last picking of green beans. The onions that are drying there were planted last year but never did much until this year. This year's garden produce has gotten me more excited about gardening again and I am looking forward to last year!

Yesterday morning I finished Christmas quilt top #3
and got started on #4. I am looking forward to being done with these tops so I can move on to the next project. I think that will be getting the hanging sleeves on the quilts that are heading to the show and then I can get started on the baby quilts I need to get finished. Two of the babies are already here with two more coming in December.

Yesterday afternoon I headed over to the church and helped tie 11 quilts that will be heading out into the world through the work of Lutheran World Relief. There were only 5 of us working yesterday but the fellowship was wonderful! Just like the quilting bees of yesteryear.

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Jody said...

I think yellow would be a nice color for a bathroom. If I ever have a home that I can do whatever I want with, I want a yellow bathroom. A nice light yellow that reminds me of clean lemony scent. . . so even if the bathroom isn't completely clean, it at least seems sunshiny.