Thursday, October 27, 2011


Getting things ready for the trip to my sister's for our quilt block exchange reveal on Saturday. I will have a series of pictures of everyone's blocks after Saturday but today I can share my plan for the next round robin. You see, not only will we see all of our blocks from the last reveal but we will also be starting our next round robin.

This past year there were 10 in our group and we each chose a 'layer cake' and then everyone made 2 blocks for each person using those fabrics as the packets were sent around over the months.

This year we are each supposed to provide the background pieces for 12.5" Sawtooth Star blocks. We can also provide the star points if we want to. Then we choose what colors/style/theme we want for the center squares. I decided that I want 6 blocks with black star points and whites for the backgrounds and 6 blocks with whites for star points and blacks for the backgrounds so I got those all cut up and put into little bags as sets. Then I had to decide on the centers. I had been thinking brights as I planned and then when I pulled fabrics I found the bright rainbow-y stripe that I used for the grandkids' quilts this summer. I used that in my block along with some pink, green, blue and orange. It turned out pretty cool
until I went to add the star points and discovered that my block was 6.75" instead of 6.5". Instead of tearing it apart to try to make it smaller I decided to just make a different block. I think I like the new one better anyway!
Here is what the first one would have looked like with the points and background.
I haven't decided if I will end up ripping this block to make it the right size or not. That decisions will probably be made when I get all the blocks back and see if I want to make more blocks.

I am sending the striped fabric along also for people to use in their blocks if they so desire. I am also asking that the leftover triangles from the flying geese units be returned so I can use them as I put the quilt together. I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up getting other leftover triangles from this project also! Somehow I have gotten the reputation as the person who will take that sort of thing and use it!

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ktdodat said...

I spent several hours this weekend pressing and trimming triangles that haven't (yet... insert evil laugh here) ended up in your triangle dish. Not totally done with the purple/white ones, but have made a huge dent. And have plans for 2 large bags of triangles and how they are getting put together...