Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back to business

I came home to rather rainy, wet weather which means I can work in my sewing room. That is, if I get a chance! Monday I had some errands to run which took several hours. When I got into the sewing room I pulled out the quilt that I didn't get to work on at the retreat along with the pieces that got left at home and got started on that. I got all but the border put together. Then my husband and I started doing some work in the bathroom. Just some preliminary stuff, taking out the storage shelves and cleaning things up. We tried to put the new cabinet in but it is a little tight so out it came and we need to do some more thinking and planning.

Yesterday I had coffee with the woman from the guild in charge of receiving the quilts next week. I am one of the receivers for the quilt show and she explained the procedures and we had a great visit about quilts and kids and life. The quilt show is Oct. 21-23 and I am looking forward to seeing 3 of my quilts hanging. 

When I got home I got the borders on the quilt I had worked on Monday.
It is a little different as I used 4 fabrics for the center instead of two and then used one of them as the wider border with no narrow border so the center seems to float. 

I then pulled out the second Christmas top and worked on it a bit. My mistakes on that one continued but nothing too bad, just rearranged the rows a bit. 

This morning I finished off that Christmas top.
Can you tell where I made the mistakes? When it was done I got started on the next one. I have that one fairly close to being done so I should be able to do that in the morning and maybe even start on another before I head to the church to tie LWR quilts with the ladies.

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Nann said...

Congratulations on being featured on "Quilt Inspiration"! The 'stained-glass' layout for the denim quilts is very intriguing. I've enjoyed reading your blogposts.