Wednesday, October 12, 2011


A week or so ago I was contacted via email by Marina and Daryl over at Quilt Inspiration about using photos of my denim quilts on their blog. They were preparing posts about the use of denim in quilts. I gave my permission and today I am featured there! 

I am getting back into the swing of things following my retreat. It was probably one of the best ones I have been on so far. 

I drove across the state on Wednesday and spent the evening and night with my daughter and her husband. We had a lovely dinner of soup and fresh bread followed by pineapple upside-down cake and a viewing of The Lion King. In the morning, following pancakes with some of the plum syrup that Rebecca had made the previous day (it was supposed to be jam but didn't set up), Rebecca and Drew headed into town for a visit to the optometrist. I spent some time playing with my grand-kitten, doing the dishes and showering and then headed over to the camp. I was the first arrival since I was only 5 minutes away so had first pick of tables in the quilting room. 

It was a smaller retreat than some recent ones - only 24 crafters in our room - which was part of what made it such a great retreat. Once all the machines were running and people were talking it just wasn't as loud and overwhelming. You could listen in to conversations around the room and get caught up on the latest news in everyone's lives.

I got going on Thursday morning and by bedtime I had two quilt tops finished.

Now the first one might look familiar as it is out of the same fabrics as the one I made the week before but that one was finished and delivered before I left for the retreat. I had another quilt cut out using this pattern but about one-third of the pieces didn't make it into the bin and were still on the cutting table at home! 

I also brought along that fall top that needed borders that I made last week. I first made another top and then added the borders to both. I was done with those by Friday evening.

Saturday morning I got started on the Christmas quilts. They actually are made like my denim quilts and normally I can put those together blindfolded but I struggled this time. I did have some distractions including a visit from my oldest daughter, the grandkids and my niece. We had good weather so we took a walk down to the lake and around camp to give the kids some outside time. After they headed over to Rebecca's house I still had problems. I just don't know what was going on. I did get one top done thanks to some pressing help from my niece when she came back over that evening. 

I also started another top but didn't get it quite finished at the retreat before it was time to head back across the state to reality.

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