Monday, March 19, 2012

More and more triangles!

Work continues on the shower stall. This morning I got the final coat of paint on some of the walls and the whole ceiling. It looks pretty great! Except where the blue painter's tape pulled off the paint! I gave my husband permission to smack me if I ever say I want to use that stuff when I paint again! It never works out for me!

I have decided the touching up will happen after we get the shower door installed so I don't have to do it twice.

Meanwhile, I have been working on turning these (thousands of leftover triangles)...
into these...
or these.
If I got these done I could cross at least half of a project off my list. I would really like to turn them all into a quilt top so it is all the way off the list. I have promised myself I will sew triangles together for at least 15 minutes every day and then press them, trim them and turn them into broken dishes blocks. 

Yesterday I think I made about 50 little broken dishes blocks and today there were 23 little BD blocks and 3 of the 12" BD blocks. At this rate I might be done with them by the end of the year. 

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the girlfriend gap said...

i love what you are doing with your triangles. could you explain to me a little more how you are doing this? Are you just sewing light and dark triangles together and then squaring them up? Matching little size blocks to make a bigger block.

thank you if you have time to respond.