Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some Improvement

I have continued with my tidying in the sewing room. On Thursday I finished pressing and sorting scraps other than neutrals and batiks. Then yesterday, I did the drawer of neutrals. It was a larger drawer and was stuffed! When those were all pressed and sorted this is what the cutting table looked like when I was done for the day. Can you see any improvement?
Today I tackled the batiks. I loved pressing the batiks and thinking about projects to do with them. In with the various scraps were some triangles in a couple different sizes that I think might just turn into a quilt top. Here is what things look like in the sewing room this afternoon. Okay, can you see the improvement now? 

As I was sorting through things, I also found some partially made blocks so I took a few small breaks and did a little sewing. Some of these Drunkard's Path blocks were sewn and some weren't. There were 11 full blocks and there were some extra pieces that I was able to turn into two more blocks so I put 4 together like this
 and 9 together like this.
There were 10 of these paper pieced blocks. At first I put 9 of them together like so but I just wasn't pleased with it.
I liked the chevrons on the left side of the blocks so I decided to add the other little block and make a strip of chevrons instead.
In another spot I found 16 HSTs that were all the same size and all had whites for one side. So I turned them into this block.
Then I found this group of pieces and made up 5 4-patch blocks and have one set of two squares left over. This might also end up as a strip.
I sorted out all of my orphan blocks and have some plans for some of them and others will probably end up on the backs of scrap quilts as I finish them.

I am pleased with progress but I am starting to get itchy to start sewing. Hopefully, I can finish the cleaning up in the next day or so and then I will start on some of the projects I need to have finished before the end of summer.

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