Thursday, March 8, 2012

The quilt show is getting closer and I am amazed that I am feeling pretty good about things coming together. 

Yesterday I quilted the Christmas quilt, finished the binding on this one
and got started on the binding on the carnation quilt. 

I did the binding work at two separate quilt guild meetings. In the afternoon, I went to a neighboring guild to talk about and invite people to the show. I had one person offer a quilt for display and sold a few tickets for the drawing. 

Got some take-out for dinner and then headed to the second guild meeting. This was my usual guild meeting. The funny thing is we had the same speaker at both meetings so she had to hear my spiel twice while I got to enjoy two different talks! The speaker was Mary Lou Weidman and talked about her story quilts and shared many of them with us. Just amazing! After talking about the quilts I had one person hand me a quilt to put in the show and several say they would be at the show. 

Today I will be quilting the baby quilt, taking the dog to the groomer, picking up a quilt and doing some grocery shopping - our daughter, grandkids and two nieces will be here over the weekend for the show and a visit so we need food in this house!

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