Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sand and Prime

The new shower stall project is moving along a little. I sanded the mudding yesterday and got a coat of primer on it. I am hoping it will look okay.
When I went out to get the primer, we also looked for the leftover paint for the bathroom and discovered that it had dried up. I was worried we might have to paint the whole room which would involve moving the washer and dryer but I managed to find a piece of the drywall that was torn out in the demolition and took it to Home Depot and they matched it awfully close to perfectly! I am hoping that if it isn't quite perfect, it will at least be good enough that we can just paint up to the washer and dryer and you won't be able to tell! I would much rather just paint where the patching was done, though.
Today I did the texturing (turns out I should have picked up another can yesterday so I wouldn't have had to make another trip to the store today) and another coat of primer and, in just one hour, I can do the first coat of color. Then I will have the final coat to do tomorrow and I will be done with my part of this project (except for helping to install the new shower door and maybe some other finishing touches).

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