Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nothing to show

This has been a fairly slow week so far - in the sewing room anyway. I was called for jury duty this week and had to report on Monday. I was selected to be on a jury but the case was settled with a plea deal after only two witnesses. So I shouldn't be called again for at least one year.

Yesterday I worked in the yard a bit with my daughter and ended up with a sore muscle in my lower right back so I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening watching TV and working on the cathedral window quilt. This morning that muscle is still bothering me but it isn't as bad as last night. I got my border on another Spring Fling Round Robin project and it is ready to put in the mail - can't show it because someone might recognize their fabric. I used some leftover pieces from that project to make a couple of blocks and some broken dishes blocks, but again, I can't show those since the fabric might be recognized. My next thing to work on is the wedding quilt but I need to get fabric for the back so I can't do that right now. Maybe I will get into town yet today to pick up something appropriate so I can get that sandwiched and quilted in the next week or so. I will be flying to Denver for the wedding on the 9th of June so I need to get it finished!

Since the weather is decent I think I will go and start weeding the strawberries.

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